Wine Tourism South Africa’s The Klink Awards plays a proactive role in promoting one of South Africa’s fastest growing sectors – the local wine tourism industry. This industry contributes to South Africa’s GDP, creates job and adds value to the wine production industry. The Klink Awards introduces wine consumers, old and new, young and old, local and international, to South Africa’s stunning wine-related experiences. It engages consumers in a celebration of the best that the local wine tourism industry has to offer. Unlike other local wine awards, it is consumer driven and we engage actively with consumers to solicit their feedback via votes and social media indicators regarding their favourite experiences.


  • An excellent tourism experience
  • Innovative offerings
  • Consistency in service delivery and quality
  • Champions!

This year, we have gone a step further to harness the potential of our new Slice of SA platform to provide you with more value for your money. The Klink Wine Tourism Awards has evolved to offer wine consumers and our wine industry clients even more value. While the ethos of the branded event stays the same – profiling the champions chosen by the public of all that is great, exciting and unique in the Winelands – the platform that hosts it is the new and innovative Slice of SA. We launched the platform, which blurs the lines between wine tourism and traditional travel marketing, in March 2016.

Using Slice of SA we can accurately track and therefore measure the awareness raised for your brand during the Klink campaign. We can, in real-time, measure consumers’ engagement with your brand by measuring the number of votes, the number of likes and shares, and the time spent on the KLINK FINALISTS. The current traffic on the platform tends to stay for over 11 minutes! We are actively marketing the platform to local and international consumers via digital and traditional media channels. #Slice of SA showcases  tourism businesses from wine tourism to golf, safari and adventure experiences.

All Klink Awards finalists will be showcased on the Slice of SA platform. Our new Supernova Award will be given to the participant that garnered the overall engagement. In addition, all KIink Awards participants are welcome to sign up to the platform at the end of the awards phase. Please contact us


This year you will receive a recommendation as to which category we think you are best suited to and we have opened up some new and very interesting categories in an effort to broaden the wine tourism experience in the Cape Winelands. If you want to compete in the Klink Awards then:


  1. Only wineries located in South Africa are eligible to register and enter the Klink Awards.
  2. Wineries may register for as many categories as they like.
  3. Registration is completed through an online portal on
  4. Registration takes place from 30 October to 10 December 2016.
  5. Confirmation of registration will be via email.

  1. On acceptance of registration as a potential finalist, each winery will receive a KLINK Finalist badge code to be embedded on the winery website, as well as a social media toolkit and access to how to win a KLINK AWARD; a registration fee is payable on the acceptance of the registration.
  2. Wineries are responsible for embedding the code on their website prior to the public voting phase dates.
  3. The finalist LIKE, VOTE, SHARE badge will display on the winery website asking viewers to place their vote.


  1. The public vote phase is open to everyone 18 and older and commences on 10 December 2016 until 10 March.
  2. Only one vote per person per category is allowed.
  3. Public notification and vote process publicity will happen accordingly.
  4. Klink Awards reserves the right to extend the public vote phase.


The winery with the most votes, likes and shares from the public will win the Supernova Award.


Category winners and overall winners will receive a Certificate and WINNER award badge that they may embed on their website and the winners will be included in marketing strategies.

  1. Full contact details must be provided with every registration. The Klink Awards reserves the right to discard the entry if full contact details are not provided.
  2. All wineries must have a verifiable URL, Facebook Page and Twitter account.
  3. All wineries are allowed to register.
  4. Decisions taken on accepting registration will be at KLINK AWARDS discretion
  5. Any votes or registrations made outside of the allocated timeframes will be discarded.


Those who want to extend the KLINK experience and enjoy ongoing, year-round exposure and interaction with consumers can register on the Slice of SA platform. One of the advantages of signing up to Slice of SA is inclusion in a series of marketing campaigns in the run up to next years’ Klink Awards. Fees are charged on a monthly or annual basis.


By entering the Klink Awards, it is understood that the Klink Awards cannot be held liable for any actions or outcomes of the award process. The Klink Awards is merely a method of creating consumer participation and assisting wineries in their promotion, and is recognised as an informal social process. The Klink Awards cannot be held liable for the actions of the nominated or registered wineries. The Klink Awards facilitates a public voting process. Furthermore, it is understood that the process of the Klink Awards is constantly evolving and that the rules and format of the awards in its current form can change in order to facilitate the process.